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List of addresses holding year TFC:

This listing partially describes (referred to as proof) the authenticity of the supply as well as the transparency of the THE FLASH CURRENCY-TFC project. We commit that all information is official and standardized, we look forward to the further development of the project by the TFC loving community to contribute to enriching the crypto world!

1- Market distribution wallet: THLy2TwcDJzL7k4u4BPuEztRFQKW8Pewxm (Unlocked Status) 4.680.131.580.762034 TFC, (percent) 58,501645 %

2- Owner’s wallet: TSgPrApcEfhrsrcyNnKp21cQbup7DEZF3U (locked Status) TFC, (percent) 15,000012 %

3- Charity wallet: TQWDvfe5zGF3Fe9FPcUZpJ69DfZC51pniY (locked Status) 25.872.068.218629, (percent) 0,323401 %

4- Sponsor of Team: TKzELyCLZQuiBRcd6MbDJtHqmCp5eCvE3a (locked Status),  (percent) 12,5 %

15,000012 %

5- Public sale: TYLqwqADX2qdPpo7no9U9WPmYeM8LMHd7K (Unlocked Status) DEX-TRADE EXCHANGE, 331.124.367.015142 (percent) 4,139055 %

6- Public sale: TYhNscJps9Wm8BLFgo2ZmYdfwM55Zyn4Ht (Unlocked Status) 160.653.844.516755,TFC (percent) 2,008173 %

7- Team-controlled: TVtxfPUG3DyNGdUz8iSjNJnvQ4bUdo29RH (locked Status) 157.519.685.09023,TFC (percent) 1,968996 %

8- Team-controlled: TCEwxjTQK3gvUWKeivMyYZGSLT5jY4VuuM (locked Status) 116.400.000.333888,TFC (percent) 1,455 %

9- Public sale: TE6WVeKhZcxattEQYinDVhH4vJN15GcVZY (unlocked Status) bankcex Exchange 82.629.636TFC (percent) 1,03287 %

10- Public sale: TD2Kwdz9eHbeXZv6hTw79P4K8uJawaBDXt (unlocked Status) vindax Exchange 42.620.952TFC (percent) 0,532762 %

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Mr: Quang

Mr: Bi Shark