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Frequently asked Questions.

How long does it take for TFC app to mine each session?

A: Each TFC app mining session takes 24 hours after 24 hours of starting a new mining session.

Am I allowed to create multiple accounts on one device?

Answer: No!  You cannot create multiple accounts on one device that will be prohibited.

Why is my registration successful but when I log in I get a message that the account does not exist?

A: There are many reasons but the key is when you log in to one of your accounts and you log out now the app is in the background mining session and you enter another account TFC app will not accept  and will report an error.

Why does the checking system take so long every time I claim a reward?

A: Many reasons, you create two accounts with the same device with the same ID.  Create multiple accounts with the same email system will not accept.  Try the network connection again change the network connection.

Why did I not receive the verification code when I registered?

A: When you register, the system will send a verification code immediately, enter that code for authentication if the system says the wrong code you check and enter correctly, each authentication code must be capitalized and should not be authenticated.  to receive a persistent code the system will block you.  If you are blocked please close the app in the background and turn it back on then proceed to authenticate.  If you receive a notice of 2500 people, wait for the next day.

Why I press claim but TFC is not added to my account?

A: Every time you claim ads will appear you have to watch all ads if the ads are active you exit to avoid not watching ads TFC will not add to you.

Why is my invite code not working?

A: because you created too many accounts or you emailed your support team.

Why did I invite my friends and they successfully registered the system without attribution?

A: Each mining session is 24 hours, so please exit the app, turn off the background mode and then turn it back on, the system will record it for you.

Can we create multiple accounts in the same family with the same network ID?

A: Yes, But not too much if more than 10 devices with the same network id we will block all those accounts.

What should I do if I forget my password?

A: If you forgot your password select “forgot password and fill in” An email will be sent to you.

Can I change my password?

A: no you have to memorize it and talk about it

What kind of project is TFC and is it useful or a scam?

A: TFC is a completely real project that fully complies with financial laws as well as the Crypto market.

Is TFC currently trading and selling ICO or IEO?

A: Yes, TFC is currently traded on Bankcex, TFC does not sell ICOs, IEOs and does not raise crowdfunding.

How safe is the TFC ecosystem?

A: TFC builds to TRX corner contract standards Tron network TRC10 protocol is safe, secure, low fees and very fast.

When I have enough min to withdraw can I withdraw?

A: yes, We give out TFC for free there is no reason why you can’t withdraw TFC.  TFC’s ecosystem closely follows the Tron ecosystem and expands for TFC itself in the future to build wallets to exchange other tokens that support storing and protecting your assets and many other utilities…

Does TFC have a roadmap?

A: Yes, the TFC Roadmap is written in a concise manner that is easy to understand and does not promise us more pleasure working than drawing it.

When having a technical problem, how long does it take to respond?

 A: very fast.!

 What if I bypass the system and create multiple accounts?

 Answer: Good!  If you pass the system and successfully cheat until you reach the min withdrawal, you will regret it!