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Today marks the four-month anniversary of The Flash Currency- TFC project
TFC project from Vietnam is our pride, we are very pleased to receive it from the world community!
The Flash Currency-TFC token was established on 2021-06-12 with a maximum total supply of 8,000,000,000 circulating supply of 6,800,000,000 along with 5000 holders, a trading volume of nearly 12 thousand in the Tron network blockchain system. . We take pride when a small project every day gradually grows!
It is forecasted that TFC will continue to list new exchanges to expand the market size and announce a decentralized exchange and storage wallet ecosystem that turns TFC token into a utility token. We hope TFC has a place in the market with the efforts of the team, we want TFC to be more valuable than it is now.


             TFC’s Ecosystem


    The first ecosystem was performed as stated in the white paper. The Flash Currency-TFC will open up the ecosystem that powers TFC, turning TFC into a useful and convenient token in payment, contributing to improving the value of TFC in the future. The multimedia ecosystem allows all users to upload all the content they love, showcase their talent and sell that talent through your earning network and free trading environment. The platform acts as an intermediary to manage safe transactions and strictly moderates content to ensure a safe trading environment.



Currently we are done and testing. Trading platform, free trade in all industries you have, create many jobs and bring personal income all will be integrated in the TFC house.

Team TFC.

Be Prepared For TFC Mining On The Free Mining App As We Update And Expand.

We are delighted to receive from the TFC Vietnam community