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White Paper



               THE FLASH CURRENCY



The Flash Currency-TFC is a token built according to the TRC10 standard, the Tron Network of the tron ​​ecosystem.  We are a Community participating in the cryptocurrency market and have accumulated a lot of experience and determination to build our own cryptocurrency.

The team we are affiliated with creates TFC and wants TFC to be a common utility token.


Scaling a strong community creates a smart chain of links based on smart contracts.

Trade freely, create initial conventional value and list the next trade to ensure the slippage rate is not too much depending on the volatility of the market.

Closely following the value of TFC, working hard to maintain the reciprocal capital to control unexpected developments that the market always encounters, showing the general interest in the value of TFC to ensure the safety of users.

Ecology and Chain Connection:

We build step by step learning from previous projects, turning them into strength for TFC

We work slowly to ensure a good internal ecological model, control the general ecological operation build each chain and link them together to become a multi-chain link, that is internal ecology using TFC code  internal payment and link many Tron ecological chains in the vast Tron network.

We build a diverse ecosystem including online games, forms of entertainment betting, legally allowed fun activities, fundraising activities for the incinerated environment, TFC becomes a  utility tokens rather than speculation and avoid irrational speculation.  To do that, we are sincere with TFC as well as the project to avoid price manipulation

We are not in a hurry, do not aim to make a quick profit, but a sustainable TFC with a clear market and use that profit from the liquid TFC FIAT to deduct the liquidity to donate to children for social activities periodically.


The Tron Network (TRX) is a large diversified ecosystem with fast liquidity, good transaction processing speed and low fees because of that advantage, we find Tron many relevant benefits for payment, buying and selling.  sell and exchange.

That’s why we chose (Tron) stable network for TFC protocol.


No coercion, no binding on community members,   all activities of members in the TFC project are voluntary

does not promote abusive marketing and does not guarantee investor returns in the general financial market and TFC

All investor activities are personal calculations and understanding the market risk when such assets are lost is not our responsibility.

All activities have advantages and disadvantages, nothing is absolute and relative theory, investors must be responsible for keeping well with their own assets as well as the safety of personal information.

We do not guarantee TFC project is super profitable and make money fast please look elsewhere if you want to make money fast.

When participating in TFC activities as well as investing, you understand the market well and it is voluntary, complying with the local laws of each country.

and accept our policy.



 Thank you!

                                                    Founding Team